About me

TARAK GHIDHAOUI passionately fell in love with photography from an early age. Armed with his academic qualifications and practical knowledge, he constantly refined his art and honed his talents. He attended several courses and seminars on photography in order to master his skills and produce beautiful pictures that filled the viewers with enchantment and wonder while transporting them to a world of creativity and innovation.

His enthusiasm never waned and his participation in many festivals, exhibitions, and competitions increased his level of professionalism, enabling him to rapidly attain the status of a highly renowned photographer in the Arab world.

Tarak demonstrated an early creative flair, although photography was still more of a hobby than a job. He was soon capturing Mother Nature’s beauty in intimate detail and in doing so, producing images the public had never seen before.

His assignments ranged from photographing children to fashion shoots. But it was his work covering couple’s portraits that showed his ability to tell a magical story in every image.

Tarak’s art is a mosaic of multi-cultural references that reflect life’s endless variety. Following the latest developments in photography, he is always evolving and developing his art.